Setup Charges

When ordering customised work wear with your logo for the first time, a setup charge will be applied to your order. The setup cost covers the time and expense of converting the file or text you upload into a format that can be used by our printing or embroidery machines. Once you have paid a setup charge for a customisation, you will not be charged this fee again on subsequent orders.

We will always advise in advance of any setup charges.  

The current setup charge list is as follows:

Setup Charges
Type Price per Application
Printed Text FREE
Embroidered Text FREE
Printed Logo £6.99
Embroidered Logo £10.99




If you require us to create new artwork, amend existing artwork or design a logo for your business we charge this time at the following rates detailed below.

We will always advise in advance of any art-working charges.

The current artwork charge list is as follows:

Artwork Charges
Time Cost
15 mins £10.00
30 min £20.00
1 hour £35.00